Meet eRight
eRight is a European file storage platform designed for families, creatives, small and medium-sized businesses. eRight is great service for everybody who aims to get better control over their digital life and all the files they create and share online.

eRight is also a concept, a passionate team, a dynamic company driven by entrepreneurship, and a happy place for your valuable digital assets.
eRight was founded in 2014 by Gunnar Nilsson, a Swedish entrepreneur with a background in system development and experience from his own private equity investments worldwide.
Values & Mission
The idea behind eRight is simple: your content - you own it.

Every photo you take, every document you compose, every sound or video file you create is your digital property, and you should have all the tools to own and protect them, especially in today’s chaotic online world.

eRight aims to give users a secure platform and simple features for owning and protecting what is rightfully theirs. No user should be afraid of sharing. Everybody deserves the best environment for staying productive and happy whilst active online.
eRight is built on European values of data protection and management and respect for an individual and company’s right to privacy.

We work on fulfilling our mission in collaboration with Tracemyfile, the innovative image focused file-tracing platform. eRight and Tracemyfile are part of Tracemyfile Limited.
Why eRight
Generous starter kit
A heartfelt welcome to eRight! We love our users and want you to come and try it out too. Store up to 8GB of your data. Transfer files as large as 8GB and benefit from all the add-on services – no charge.
Focus on protection
We host all the data in various stable and friendly locations using the latest and most secure cloud based technology. We are also continuously working with government regulations to ensure that you are always in control of your assets.
Flexible pricing
Should you wish to increase your storage or invite a new team or family member, just сhoose needed plan. No need to pay for terabytes of data that you will never use.
More than a service
eRight is not just another cloud service. eRight is a concept, a destination, and many passionate people in front of their screens. We listen to our users and strive to offer them the best experience.

About Us

Store, protect, transfer, collaborate - all in one safe & happy place.

eRight is a European file storage platform designed for creatives, families, small and medium-sized companies that aim to get better control over their digital assets.

eRight is designed to make users’ digital life safer. Enjoy your free 8Gb of storage and securely share your files with as many family and team members as you like within eRight or with free file transfers. All extra features are included in your plan, only pay for the storage space you need!


For customer service use the green Support button when logged in to your eRight account.

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