5G networks make science fiction become a reality
20 Jun 2020

Over the past few years, significant technological changes took place all over the world, and it made the most daring research projects become a reality. Cloud technologies became highly recognized and very popular today. Due to them, devices are no longer attached to physical conditions of data storage and processing.

But still, for using any cloud storage, online services or various applications you need a seamless information superhighway. Indeed, thanks to convenient access from devices, telecommunication standards have provided global popularity of social networks and electronic commerce. These technologies are moving by leaps and bounds, beginning from GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE standards, which are still developing today.

In a short period of time, significant achievements and unique algorithms of artificial intelligence were introduced into devices of various purposes. More and more interesting functional applications become available to users now. Thus, in order to make them perfect and have their tasks accomplished, it is necessary to update the information superhighway significantly.

5G – the technology of the near future

The recent development of 5G communication technology will provide the operation of tools and devices, where 4G LTE does not work. It is a completely new standard, a breakthrough in the field of mobile communications, and it’s not just the only one. After all, 4G LTE is not only an ultra-high speed connection, but the insurance of improved data management and support for basic services in economy as well. Thus, 5G will be able to accomplish the tasks, which 4G networks cannot realize. For example, self-driving cars will be able to track various factors and instantly take appropriate action.

The communication technology of the future will open up a new world of digital opportunities with the following effects:

• 5G networks will expand the potential of mobile communication and increase the number of connected devices;

• the improvement in the work of the most important human communications: emergency, life-saving, military and public utility services will be able to receive signals in an instant and quickly respond to them;

• IT devices connected to the fifth generation will be able to create a large network, which will speed up data processing and analysis of any format and increase the level of the world economy respectively.

The fact that 5G networks will make cloud technologies perfect is of great importance. After being widely distributed, cloud storage will become available to all people without exception. This will give you the opportunity to store and transfer data to users, regardless of their location and without any danger. Thanks to the innovative high speed, it will be supremely convenient to use the cloud. In addition, with the introduction of 5G, you can significantly expand the list of services provided, and, accordingly, improve the functionality of the service.

Eright.com service supports the development of the Fifth-Generation Mobile communications system. After all, we have always improved our technologies by offering new options to individuals and businesses. Today, our ideal cloud storage guarantees the complete security and confidentiality of user’s data. Only we admit to the fact that your files are your rules and no one else can dispose of them. With 5G we will be able to amaze all users of our system, without exception.

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