How Apple, Google and other giants keep your day under control
12 Mar 2020

A number of devices and gadgets have become an integral part of contemporary human life. It is very hard to do without them whether at home or at work, while driving or exercising at a gym, or just relaxing. Users have a rest from the devices only when they are asleep, but IT giants tend to take control over this time period as well. It is not surprising though, because sleeping hours can be very profitable for them, so companies are actively developing new digital products. They will be in use 24 hours a day and will help to make much more money.

Nowadays, a great deal of applications and programs are designed to be work- and leisure-oriented. Notorious technology companies such as Google,, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Samsung are trying very hard to cover as many spheres of activity as possible by offering their software products. Hardware and software are rapidly developing so the designers are doing their best to integrate them both.


The most striking example is Apple, which was able to create the best mix of devices and programs that enjoy great popularity in all countries of the world.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the company's leading products. However, as the sales are slowing down, Apple has high expectations for software sales. Smart interrelations between branded products make users constantly purchase application updates. For example, in order to control Apple TV, an Apple Watch is needed, which enables a user to conveniently operate the device.


On the contrary, the IT giant Google is constantly developing new devices in order to attract customers to the major products - software applications. It can be assessed using as an example the operation of Pixel - a Google branded smartphone able to distinguish voice commands clearly. Many users have purchased the device and, along with it, Google applications.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence's analysis, the average annual Google income is $152 per user and due to advertising revenue. As to the system users, who disclose a huge amount of information about themselves, this number is even higher.


There is a similar situation with the social network Facebook - its income per every user of the system is 78 $.

Technological companies never stop developing and try to keep their users engaged all the time. Nowadays, they are working hard on software for drivers to cover their time while on the road. There are also relevant applications that enable to buy goods in stores and pay for them online. Aleksa and Amazon Echo are recognized to be the leading companies in this area, which helped to significantly increase sales on the popular website.

Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have already designed a number of artificial intelligence products. They are able to collect different information, analyze and foresee the things which can be of great interest to users in different areas of life.

There is only one segment of the day that is not under the control of tech giants - sleep. However, this will not stay that long, as it is known that the Apple brand has bought the Beddit company, which produces various sleep monitors. In the near future Apple will be able to completely capture and control human time. For many of us, such activities pose a direct threat to privacy and security of personal and business life.

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