Personal cloud market expansion will be persistent as confirmed by the users’ requirements
30 Nov 2019

Given ever-growing popularity of cloud storage, personal clouds are becoming more and more popular nowadays. This form of data storage was designed specifically for home users to securely store personal files of any format. These are various photos, videos and important documents, which should be completely protected.

For many people personal cloud storage has become not only the best way of storing data. After all, it can provide enhanced control over them as well – you can share files or, to the contrary, hide them from public views.

Unlike various local devices, cloud storage has the following undeniable advantages:

• mobility and user's location do not matter anymore, the main thing is to be provided with internet access;

• possibility to log in to your account from your tablet, smartphone, laptop and PC;

• fast file uploading and sharing - data reach the specified recipient in a split second;

• There is no need to install any special software, as the cloud service provider has already taken care of that in order to make its customers feel safe and comfortable.

But the main advantage that will be greatly appreciated by each user is the security of file storage.

Virtual space is safely protected against hackers, influence of external factors or any events of force majeure.

In addition, taking into consideration the needs of modern people and introducing new technologies to enhance comfort, cloud service regularly expands its functionality. After all, the demand for effective confidential data storage is ever-growing, and new ways of capturing data by third parties are emerging. For this very reason, companies are designing new methods for data protection to make one safe and secure.

When trusting your files to a cloud, it is important to choose the one that is highly responsible for their storage. A credible cloud service for individuals and entities called meets all these requirements. For many remains unchallenged. However, it is not surprising, because it is a unique encryption system and ensures a high degree of data security. Moreover, you can use the entire list of services absolutely free of charge and may have a large amount of cloud memory - 8 GB - for storing files, which opens up great opportunities without any investments. Now you can be absolutely sure that the information will remain confidential and will be kept only as long as you need it. is in constant progress; so, with development of the technology, users will enjoy an access to new options which will make their lives more comfortable and protected from third parties’ interference. The expansion of functionality makes cloud storage relevant not only for private users, but also for businesses, which require ongoing innovation. Therefore, we recommend you to register with in order to be able to personally evaluate all advantages of the web service. Don’t forget to invite your family and business partners.

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