Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup - what's the difference?
1 Dec 2019

Having enjoyed the comfort and the advantages of storing files in the cloud, users often confuse this service with cloud backup. They have similar functions – all information is located online. But there still exist significant differences between them, which are very important to know.

Cloud storage enables you to choose the files you wish to upload to your online account. Even if you can delete them from your smartphone or computer's memory, they will be stored in the cloud as long as you need it.

Cloud backup makes all your stored files remain constantly updated. After you have installed appropriate programs and setups on your computer, backup services automatically update your changes to the file, storing the current version online.

Cloud backup is the best thing for those who need to always store a large number of documents online. The biggest advantage of this system is the ability to access information from any device. Even if your computer or smartphone stops working, or if you accidentally delete files from your PC, you can restore them to a new device. The backup program stores these data on the Internet.

While storing documents, videos, audio, and images in the cloud, the files remain unchanged, regardless if a user has updated them on the computer or not. Therefore, cloud backup storage is more practical if a member of the service is constantly making changes to the stored information.

However, it should be mentioned that a cloud storage service is more reliable, it can protect all your files with the help of a unique encryption system. A cloud user can set a password for his or her personal account and create a password for each file as well. It ensures that the information is confidentially stored, and attackers will not be able to hack into the multi-level protection system and use the files for criminal purposes.

There are many clouds in virtual space today. It is very important to choose the best service provider that can ensure that your information will be safely stored. Cloud Storage is the most comfortable web service, which was recognized by many users all over the world.

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- The cloud offers 8 GB of virtual memory for free, and if you need to increase storage space, you can choose a relevant and financially affordable tariff plan;

- Easy download with a few clicks, user-friendly interface and a convenient system for setting passwords to folders and files;

- With its innovative encryption system, the eRight expert team has managed to create a secure environment to protect the users' data from outside interference, thus making them as safe as possible;

- All existing file formats are supported. At you can upload text documents, spreadsheets, audios, videos, and images to the cloud, as well as view Microsoft files online;

- Any device, regardless of its location, can be accessed by connecting to the Internet;

- Easy generation of download links. It is important for those who need to transfer large files quickly;

- The possibility to share data with family members and business partners, as well as employees who are not involved in the cloud service;

- Unlimited data storage. There are no time limits in the service, and if you delete any information it will be kept in the bin forever and you will be able to restore it without any problems. is a very credible service. They never open or view any of the users' files. They confirm that your files are your rules, and never use them for personal gain or disclose your data to any third parties. Moreover,'s cloud storage is actively developing, it enhances its functionality, and the members of the system can enjoy new opportunities of confidential data storage and data transfer.

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