Cloud storage is the best service for storing piquant photos
8 Jul 2020

Since smartphones with good built-in cameras were introduced on the market, photos have become an integral part of each contemporary person's life. The devices made it possible for people in close relations to take revealing photos and at any time entertain a partner with spicy selfies. Today, there are many social network users who like sharing such photos in personal messages, thus introducing some notes of eroticism into them.

eright juicy women image

But there is always a risk that images intended for one person can be seen by third parties or, even worse, by criminals. Photos "with peppercorn" become an object of blackmail or extortion, which consequently may affect your privacy and business life. Therefore, it is worth considering where to store piquant photos safely and how to make them confidential. cloud storage with a unique security system is the best option. The service allows each user to evaluate the following advantages:

• direct download of large files of various formats from a smartphone - just one click is enough to shift the photos from a device to the cloud;

• password encryption of pictures or folders containing a large number of photos;

• the possibility to exchange images with a partner, who is the only person that has been granted access to them.

A separate advantage of storing photos in is that the encrypted files take the form of a confidential document, without any information about what exactly you have hidden. This means that other users of your account will not be able to guess what the file contains.

eright juicy women image is a cloud that will help you store not only your photos but spicy videos as well. You no longer need to worry that the explicit scenes of your personal life will catch someone’s eyes and will be used against you. Users can also be sure that snapshots and videos will not be lost or accidentally deleted. eRight cloud storage has developed the most convenient navigation system and allows you to restore deleted files from the recycling bin any time you need. You can store them as long as you wish.

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