The growth of the cloud services market is the right time for the most profitable investments
1 Dec 2019

Cloud storages are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary environment. In order to satisfy the needs of an ever-increasing number of users, cloud services are also growing. Analysts believe that in 2019 they are expected to increase by 23.8%. This number will reach about 210 billion dollars in currency equivalent.

The International Data Corporation's research office has announced that the average annual growth rate will be about 22 % by 2022. Therefore, the volume of the cloud market will reach a record figure of 370 billion dollars.

First of all, such active development is associated with the huge popularity of web services in business environment. Most companies have been actively implementing cloud technologies, recognizing their significant advantages. After all, this is complete security when storing and transferring data, as well as public access to your account anytime and anywhere using different devices. The cloud also eliminates the need to spend money on purchasing and maintenance of local installations, which is definitely financially viable. Moreover, cloud services have always been working on improving and enhancing their functionality. They are innovating and providing users with new and relevant software products.

The cloud development, and consequently the biggest expenses, will go to the USA, China and Great Britain. Their number will also be increasing rapidly in Germany, Japan, Brazil and other European countries. Cloud services are enjoying great popularity throughout the world. This is a great investment opportunity, because one can definitely expect a decent profit in the future.

These are not unjustified statements, because analysts predict that in 2019, the introduction of cloud technologies will cost more than $ 20 billion in each of the following market segments: the discrete production, banking and other financial companies. Only three of the above segments will constitute about one third of the Cloud Market output.

eright cloud investment

Many analysts, entrepreneurs and other business professionals have already invested in the cloud. This year, the number of investments has become enormous - more than 19 billion dollars, which indicates the prospects of such investments. But at the same time, there is also a risk of loosing the funds, entrusting them to an unreliable partner. We should finance only reputable and actively developing cloud web services, whose reputation is flawless at any stage of formation. One of these is the Cloud Storage with its innovative and highly secure encryption system, ensuring complete security of users' information.

Nowadays we may confidently state that eRight is already on the right way to becoming a global market player. But the most important thing is that the main priority of the company is to treat each user honestly and ensure his or her complete confidentiality. Every day more and more participants of the service appreciate the available interface of the service as well. It is also quite simple and easy to work with plenty of options, which are worth mentioning. At the same time, the Cloud never stops at the achieved results. A team of highly qualified specialists confidently open up new horizons every day. We provide more and more opportunities for data storage, data sharing and data processing for both individuals and businesses.

Therefore, anyone looking for a reliable and developing company that can be confidently invested in is strongly recommended to have a closer look at eRight. After all, it is very profitable to buy shares now so that in future you could enjoy a substantial dividend.

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