Cloud technologies are the best viable alternative to insecure email
20 Nov 2019

Nowadays, e-mail is one of the most popular ways to transfer information. Text messages and various file attachments can reach a subscriber in an instant, and that is undoubtedly very convenient.

But, despite all the convenience, there are quite a lot of risks associated with using a mailbox. The major risks involve cracking and data breach. Yet, data transmission can be of great importance and require confidentiality. If hacked, photos, business presentations and files, contacts and even user’s credentials can be disposed of by hackers, which in its turn can harm your private life and business.

Many users agree that they sometimes mistakenly choose a subscriber and send information to the wrong recipient. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get it back, because after the file has been sent out, you can’t control it and check whether it was opened by the addressee.

The basic email hacking methods

Any e-mail becomes easy prey for hackers, who can easily crack even a very complicated password. It’s not difficult to find such “specialists”; there are plenty of offers on the Internet today. Hackers generally use the following hacking methods:


In this case, in order to gain access to a mailbox, various emails, infected by hidden viruses and malware, can be sent. Once they affect your system, the attackers gain control over the user's computer and all the passwords, which are stored in the browser.

By phone number.

When registering an e-mail address you should indicate your phone number; this very number is used when resetting the password and the e-mail service sends a message with a confirmation code for this operation. A hacker sends another SMS immediately after the first one. By negligence, the victim enters the second code, and the attacker immediately gets access to the email.

These are the most popular mailbox hacking techniques. Therefore, you should not open letters from unknown senders, or follow links and enter passwords that were not requested from you before.

Store and transfer files in the clouds

Nowadays, cloud storage is the best and the most secure alternative to transferring any sort of information. Due to unique encryption technology, the users of such cloud storage will be securely protected from numerous hacker attacks.

The most important thing is that the cloud storage provides the opportunity to transfer, encrypt and share files of various formats and volumes. Due to a convenient and intuitive interface, it is quite simply and easy to use the service – all attachments reach the addressee within a few seconds.

Moreover, at, you can exchange links securely protected with passwords, which eliminates the risk of interference by third parties. You don’t need to send email attachments any more, just create a link and provide the recipient with a code. If necessary, you can quickly block access and make the document unavailable for public use. is a cloud technology that was developed for everyone; Your Files are Your Rules!!! All private data and business information will be safely stored here and can never be used for criminal purposes.

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