Personal data of German politicians are publicly displayed on the internet
10 Jan 2020

Cyberattack in Germany - confidential data of German politicians are disclosed on the Internet. The cyberattack in Germany at the end of 2018 resulted in disclosure of important confidential data, affecting hundreds of politicians, cultural figures and journalists. Personal information, documents and even private e-mails were made public. Everyone was able to view the files on the Internet. The disclosed information, including passports, credit cards, home addresses, phone numbers, chat rooms, etc., was very important.

Such a public disclosure resulted in great resonance not only in the government and state structures, but among ordinary citizens of Germany as well. Thousands of people, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, were affected. The leakage of information occurred in the Bundestag's internal network and its amount was really impressive.

Shortly after an internal investigation, a 20-year-old grammar school student in Hesse was arrested. The most striking thing was that he did not have any special education. But this did not prevent him from hacking into the system and publishing the information on Twitter.

It is hard to assess the damage, because such a widespread publicity can result in financial losses, as well as problems in personal and business life. The users of Bundestag's network were impressed by its weak security system. Many of those who were confronted with this problem started searching for other alternatives. After studying the numerous ways of storing and transferring information, a number of prudent users focused their attention on cloud web services. Today, they are the services which can ensure the complete security of storing files in the cloud.

eright personal data of German politicans

eRight is based on its own blockchain storage system and is hosted exclusively in EU. With eRight we offer you full transparency over where your data is stored. Choose from our own secure datacenter storage based in Sweden, or pick custom localized block storage services from another supplier. For demanding users or use cases where security concerns goes beyond convenience, we offer several levels of enhanced security where your data is strongly encrypted before it even leaves your computer.

As a result, no one except the user and those who will be granted access to the information will be able to view it or dispose of it, and even worse, steal it.

Even cloud storage employees cannot access the data which are stored in the accounts. The encryption keys are owned by a user fully and unconditionally. Therefore, in order to prevent your files from being compromised by intruders and malicious users in today’s dangerous digital era, you should store your files at You will no longer be concerned about the risks of data disclosure and leakages which can sometimes have irreparable consequences. After all, the Eright team is constantly working on making cloud users' information safe and completely protected from public views.

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