How can photos be permanently stored without the risk of their loss?
22 Nov 2019

Photographs, in which the most important life moments are captured, are invaluable for every person. They have become an integral part of our biography, and they alone are able to tell future generations about us.

Therefore, it is worth considering how images can be permanently stored. Today, there are many ways to do that and each of them has its own advantages, however the risk of file loss still exists.

External Hard Drive

One would think that such a reliable device sooner or later fails to operate, making their users feel disappointed and shocked. According to statistics, even the most high-tech discs can break down after 50 thousand hours or 5 years of work. But such a period is not a 100% warranty, because any model can be damaged, therefore, you should never store pictures on one device alone.

It is advisable to have at least two devices in use. For greater reliability, it is worth buying three models: a desktop PC, an external drive, that provides backup, and a separate device on which all files will be duplicated.

Among the advantages of storing photos on disks are their affordable price, a large amount of memory, quick access to data and easy copying. But cons such as human errors, virus programs and different cases of force majeure circumstances are quite significant.

eRight blog_crashed HDD image

Optical Disc Drive

Removable media is a great alternative to hard drives. Examples of such media include CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, as well as diskettes and USB drives, but only on condition that they are of high quality and are properly kept. The good thing is that you will never accidentally delete pictures and do not infect them with malware. In addition, due to their inexpensive cost, you can create copies as many as you like and store them in different places.

The disadvantage of such media is a small amount of memory, so a large collection will be stored on different disks, which will make it more difficult to find the thing you are looking for.

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USB Memory Sticks

Flash memory and SD cards are not very appropriate devices. They tend to be destructed, therefore it is recommended to update them completely every 5 years not to lose the pictures.

eRight blog_USB Flash memory card

Cloud Storage

Nowadays, the ideal storage for photos is cloud storage. Such technologies do not require the use of additional devices, but in this case it is very important to find a resource which can be highly entrusted.

It does really exist - it is - a cloud service for business and family purposes. It will help to solve all the problems and eliminate the risks that Internet users can face every day. Due to the uniquely developed protection system your data will never be stolen by crackers and the information won’t be used against you, your close friends and relatives or your business.

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Nowadays, cloud storage can fully guarantee that your files are your rules and nobody else has the right to know the information and violate your confidentiality boundaries. Moreover, the photo and data storage service is very convenient to use, and it’s very easy to upload and share pictures here. Due to the large volume and support of many formats, it is, actually, quite possible to store the most valuable moments captured in your pictures without investing any money or effort.

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