How to reduce the selection of your data on the Internet
20 Jan 2020

The recent changes in U.S. legislation have shocked all Internet users. US President Donald Trump lifted the ban on the collection of user data by internet service providers and the transfer of information to third parties, which was imposed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Therefore, it became rather difficult to keep your personal data on social networks and other search engines confidential. IT giants monitor users’ activity online and collect information about them. A user’s profile can be easily created by using data on queries, relocations and interests. All this is considered to be an essential part of advertising in order to demonstrate and effectively sell the goods you are interested in.

All internet service providers have much more important information as well. The users' personal e-mails, photos and videos, financial and business information are at their disposal and can be disclosed at any time. Making such data publicly available can result in serious problems. Therefore, you should remain anonymous on the Internet as long as possible and prevent IT giants from monitoring your activities.

How to keep your requests and actions confidential on the World Wide Web

• Settings in your Google Account

One of Google's largest search engines enables you to customize your personal data access settings. As a result, you can check which data will be collected by a company. You can simply forbid the collection of certain types of information in your profile.

• Web search history

Each search engine stores users' queries. Not many of you know that this option can be easily disabled and the company will not collect any information on pages which you have visited.

• Device information

Synchronization of accounts enables to monitor users' online interests day and night. It also provides access to contacts, calendar and various applications as well as makes it possible to create copies and send them to the company archives.

• No voice control

It is undoubtedly very comfortable to use voice commands. However, you should remember that Google stores all your voice queries, so it's better to disable this option.

• YouTube

Any searches and the history of viewed clips are stored on this web server. But if you wish, you can disable this option to keep it confidential.

You should also specify who will view information about your channel subscriptions and stored clips in the settings.

• Limiting the list of applications

Using Google Account settings, you can see a full list of sites and applications that are accessible to you. In this case, a user can set a limit to the list of web services.


Virtual private network VPN enables you to be connected to the Internet through an encrypted link. This ensures anonymity and enables you to evade geographical restrictions. Securely encrypted traffic is not accessible for tracking.

• No search by phone number

If you just enter the subscriber's number, you will find out a lot of information about him/her ( work place, advertisements and other information). Therefore, you must disable the "tracking by phone number" option in your Google Profile.

Such measures will make it difficult to access to your personal content, but not all of it. However, if you want to keep your online activity completely confidential, you should store and share your files, messages and other data in the cloud.

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