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24 Sep 2019

Nowadays, *the constant* development of technology, as well as easy and wide public access to the Internet offers a lot of opportunities to modern people. One of them is to share photos and information with your close friends and relatives or to transfer business data in an instant, without taking much effort.

But all these opportunities can be accompanied by risks, especially if you use unreliable web services. The obtained information can be applied for their personal gain and can be consequently used against you. Therefore, you should immediately think about the security of your data and find the perfect cloud storage for photos and many other things.

We recommend you to get acquainted with - this is a completely new cloud service for business and family purposes, which was created for everyone. It has already become the best resource for many people, which can be fully trusted and where you can store an unlimited amount of important information. Besides, you can share your files quite easily and safely, without the slightest fear!

Professional photographers will also appreciate unique cloud storage It will become a reliable and comfortable platform to store images. Here, in a few seconds, you can place files of various formats and even high resolution photos. The web service does not compress the images and lets your photos keep their origin quality without setting any size limits, what is of particular importance.

While considering where to store photos on the Internet, you can choose and, absolutely for free, receive 8 GB of free space in the cloud. Such volume allows you to place more than one thousand shots, and if you wish some more, you need to increase your tariff plan to the required limit.

Store and share your - cloud technologies with undeniable advantages

Getting acquainted with for the first time, users will be pleasantly surprised by a simple but very intuitive interface. It’s extremely easy to create an account. Moreover, you can immediately upload pictures from your computer. When using a smartphone or tablet, there is no need to install special applications. Your private data are strictly protected by the photo storage service, and therefore Eright does not cooperate with the Play Market and the App Store.

It will be enough to open the website in any browser window and log into your account. There aren’t any brief versions. Cloud storage supports an adaptive version of the site, which is fully functional and runs without any ads or hidden virus programs. You will be able to control your files, regardless of the type of device you are using or your location. Moreover, cloud storage gives the opportunity not only to publish photos on social networks and other sites. You can also share pictures, large albums and some business information with close people using an unlimited number of encryptions per day. For that to happen, you only need to provide them with a unique password, which will be known only by the two parties - you and the person, who the files are intended to.

If you don’t want your data to be seen again, one click will be enough to block access to personal content. Now your files are your rules and nobody can dispose with them! After all, we have created the strongest data protection system which cannot be cracked by hackers.

Download your files, store and share them with your friends, and feel safe with!

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