How to keep our children safe online?
15 Jul 2020

Nowadays, contemporary children become active users of the Internet from an early age. However, it is proved by practices that they are not familiar with internet safety rules. That is why they often come across some negative things there. They also learn a lot of unnecessary information, which they cannot realize by reason of their age.

Most parents would like to exercise complete control over their teenager's life by limiting the amount of time spent online. Adults set passwords, read their kids’ messages and review browser history. These actions often result in losing the children's trust, they conceal and do not want to reveal any personal information, their possible problems or issues they are interested in.

Therefore, you should give up the vice and pressure on the young person. The following methods will prove to be more effective:

- Positive parenting. It is always very important to show interest in your child and consider all features of character in his/her education and upbringing. Do not impose any dogmas or standards; eliminate his/her weaknesses by enhancing the strong points.

- Create value orientations. You must become an example to your kid and you’d better do it since an early age of your child. Parents need to cope with their bad habits, avoid scandals, abuse and, what is worse, violence in interpersonal relationships.

- You mustn't humiliate a child. Curse and humiliation result in self-depreciation, after all, if parents feel this way about their child, then what can be said about people around! Such behavior will result in loss of trust, the teenager will conceal his or her own personal life from you and will not share any problems with you.

- Praise your children. It is important to recognize the positive qualities of forming individuals as well as encourage and support them. You also need to help your child to do things which are difficult for him/her to do on his/her own. In this way, they will have positive resources and become more self-confident.

- Subtle instructions and recommendations. If you bring up your child in a positive manner you can give efficient advice on how to protect yourself in the virtual world. Talk about violent people and give examples of what is happening in the real world. You should also teach your child not to disclose his or her personal information on social networks and protect personal boundaries. Try to explain that your content is your own, especially in today's chaotic online world.

- Hanging out together. Exciting recreation with the whole family can distract the child from a smartphone screen and can help to find different interests and hobbies. After all, real life is much more interesting than virtual one and it is necessary to be well prepared so you don't have to be alone with the devices as an adult.

parent love_Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Help children explore the new digital environment because this is the place where they discover the world and interact with it today. Banning will only make your relationships with the rising generation worse. The only way to influence and ensure the safety of a forming person is to trust him/her.

Get children acquainted with secure online services, such as cloud storage, and help them make their own choices. So, secure cloud storage enables you to store and upload files online, including private photos and videos that are of great importance to your teenager. Alternatively, you can use another option - send a download link. Every user gets 8GB of free and secure cloud storage for storing and sharing your files. Moreover, you can safely transfer large files up to 8GB with their own unique password for free. Your child may really enjoy this!

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We all deserve a better environment to stay productive and happy when engaged in online activities.

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