Do you share your children’s photos in social networks? Do you realize the danger?
17 Sep 2019

The Internet enabling to communicate in social networks and offering plenty of other exciting possibilities is fraught with danger. When posting your photos on personal pages or forums, people reveal the details of their private lives without thinking about the consequences.

And if images or videos of adults can be gazed with admiration and get likes from the followers, kids’ publications in the news feed can sometimes cause serious problems, especially if you use unreliable online computer storage database. A simple desire to boast of your children, their skills or achievements may lead to adverse consequences. Therefore, you should be very careful and considerate when surfing the world wide web.

You would think what can be awful if people around you admire your kid? It’s rather strange, but outdoors parents always try to keep their children safe from inadequate people, thieves, insane ones, giving the necessary explanations and instructions. However they forget that the Internet is full of such individuals as well. Ignoring some elementary sensitive precautionary measures in the network, one can reap the benefits of his/her own carelessness in the near future.

How to keep a child away from dangers associated with social networks and other virtual pages?

Before publishing photos and videos of your beloved child, you should consider the reasons for doing this. Most of your on-line friends do not need such details of your private life, and your close relatives or friends can see your child in real life without any obstacles. Therefore, if parents want just to boast of their kid, they should reconsider their views. But those people who don’t imagine their life without using social networks and wish to open the curtain of privacy should be advised as follows.

1. Publish less details about your personal life.

Make sure you disable geolocation option each time you publish your child’s photo. It’s also very important to post neutral screenshots from which it is hard to locate the place where your children usually spend their time. As a rule, such places are schools, clubs and various study groups. Why is it important? It’s quite easy to explain, antisocial individuals will have no difficulties in finding and recognizing the child and accomplishing their dreadful criminal goals thereafter. And you, being the parents, become the first criminals’ assistants because of your carelessness.

2. Keep your kid’s hobbies secret in social networks.

You shouldn’t inform wider public or strangers of your children’s hobbies. Because everything that may win general applause of the parents will play into the hands of strangers. They will wait no longer to take an opportunity to trap and deceive a kid and achieve their criminal goals.

3. A naked child’s photo is a taboo!

Cute, funny, amusing and naked babies make people feel amazed. But such pictures cause erotic dreams and stimulate the desire of possession in antisocial persons. A naked kid can be an object of a pedophile’s lust and nobody can ever guarantee that such person won’t find your child. In this case, the parents are to be blamed, because they personally pushed their kid to the criminal.

4. Keep official information about your family strictly confidential

A simple wish to demonstrate that your family life is all right and your children have become successful in different spheres of life can result in troubles. Parents can post pictures of documents, diplomas, visas and passports displaying sensitive personal data. After getting such information, it will be quite easy to locate a child. An interested person will soon wait for the kid near his/her school or house. The end of such a meeting is unpredictable. Be careful: if you have placed such photos online, please delete them from open sources.

5. Demonstrating your wealthy life is equal to kidnapping

Financial wealth seen by a criminal in social networks or on free data sharing sites directly provoke kidnapping. A nice house, an expensive car and other attributes of wealth that can be seen on a child’s picture directly confirm the financial status of the family. So, a large amount can be demanded as a ransom, besides a sign with an address or a registration plate on a car captured in a picture will give a clue to kidnappers where to find a quick enrichment.

6. Photos of a child together with other babies are strictly prohibited.

You shouldn’t publish photographs of other children, despite of their relatives’ opinion in this regard. Such information is not your property, so you should not dispose of it. Upon gaining access to photos, strangers can make devious plans. Moreover, any picture can be downloaded and used in any manner.

Such simple actions will protect the child from wrongdoers and you can be confident that your kid is safe. The most important point is that you will never blame yourself for your own carelessness, paying a high price for your negligence.

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