Are cloud storages reliable enough for the purposes of storing personal song libraries?
2 Dec 2019

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Cloud storage enables music lovers to store their favorite tracks online and enjoy listening to them at any time of the day. The service users may be absolutely sure that all the necessary audio files will be kept perfectly safe. As compared to local installations, storing music in the cloud has a number of significant advantages:

• Confidentiality; a user is the only person who has passport-protected access to his or her account and enjoys the advantages offered by the encryption system of the cloud storage;

• Your audio files can be accessed from any device, regardless of location and time of day; all you need to do is to enter your profile in the storage and choose the track you want to listen to;

• Permanent storage; the cloud enables you to store your favourite music collection and not to worry that it might be accidentally lost, infected by viruses, or unintentionally removed from your devices;

• Track recovery options; the cloud service stores all user's data in the bin forever, and it will take only a couple of seconds to recover the necessary files.

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Free eRight cloud storage enables you to quickly upload audio files and instantly download them to your PC, smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can do it by a few clicks, provided that you have Internet connection.

It is critical that all media data can be easily shared - it is considered to be the most convenient transfer of files for free. It can be shared not only with the cloud users, but with other people as well. You only need to add an e-mail address to the e-folder and the recipient will be instantly invited to join the cloud service and listen to the user's audio files. His/her account will be created automatically. The good thing is that he/she will be able to view only those tracks to which you have granted access, and nothing else! Access permissions can be easily changed at any time you wish.

You can encrypt and hide any piece of information in the eRight, which is considered to be reliable protection against intruders and the like. It is particularly relevant for voice recordings and stored phone conversations. After all, the cloud is the only one to recognize that your files are your rules; your information will never be disclosed to any third party, thus ensuring confidentiality and security of your data.

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