Online Child Sexual Abuse Explosion
30 Nov 2019

Nowadays, anyone who wants to view videos and photos containing cases of children's sexual abuse online is welcome!

Last year alone, more than 45 million pictures of horrifying nature were published.

Although children's abuse records have long been prohibited by law, cybercriminals are still very active in distributing them. After all, they are popular with mentally unhealthy individuals and pedophiles, and therefore, for such photographs and videos one can make significant profits.

Such a tragic statistics causes righteous indignation among parents, but, unfortunately, the authorities do not take any active steps to somehow affect the situation. We are shocked by how widespread children's pornography is reaching its critical point today. Moreover, this content is exponentially increasing, confirming the insatiable nature of the criminal world.

Viewing images with violent scenes is a reality on many technology platforms and social networks. Most of them are not responsible for data content posted by their users. Thus, predators will continue to bully children with impunity and share content with other interested parties.

It is also very important to remember that criminals seldom leave the little victims alive who have been the object of unhealthy desire satisfection. Those who are lucky enough to survive will remain mentally damaged and overwhelmed with fear that it might happen again.

Moreover, any piece of information on the World Wide Web will not be lost without a trace. At any moment your acquaintances may come across it, therefore, the fear of being recognized by photo and video is also added to previous fears.

eright child abuse problem

We should not forget about raped children's parents, because their lives have always been poisoned by the anxiety for their relatives. They are powerless against the events that have already happened, their sense of guilt for not being able to protect the kid will never retreat and their life becomes a nightmare hell.

Child pornography is becoming more and more popular in the digital age. The problem is virtually beyond the power of the law enforcement agencies. It is extremely difficult to unravel the tangle of criminals and to find pedophiles and distributors of the shocking content. One of the reasons for impunity is a high level of criminal's professionalism, as well as their ability to use encryption systems and the dark web. The possibility of anonymous photo- and video-publication also plays an important role, enabling asocial individuals to create reliable digital hiding places.

Whereas a decade ago such disgusting files were delivered to clients by mail or sold on Black Markets, new technologies made it possible to reduce barriers for the distribution of such materials. These opportunities have also enabled the client to require increasingly harsh video, while it is well known that demand generates supply. After all, when meeting in real life, many of them would be ashamed to make a request for content, such as with a hardcore with 3-year-old kids. There are no restrictions in anonymous online world.

According to some statistics, about 12 million child abuse reports have been recorded on Facebook alone. But how many cases are left undetected - people can only guess about it. The main reason for many crimes is parents' negligence. Without thinking about the consequences, they publicly display images of their babies. You can often come across videos and photos of naked babies as well, and they instantly provoke sexual desire among pedophiles. It's not so difficult to find a little victim and make the most terrible fantasies come true, when you know the city name and parents' names or surnames.

eright child abuse problem

In order to protect the younger generation, you should be responsible for all of your actions. It is important to take precautions not only in real life, but also in virtual life to protect our kids from criminals. Therefore, be careful when choosing a web service for sharing and storing photos, videos

Nowadays, cloud storages are considered to be the most reliable and responsible ones for their users' information. is one of the trusted cloud storages. The unique encryption system is used here, ensuring that third parties will not interfere with your privacy! As a result, everybody will feel safe and protected from the terrible realities of our contemporary life. What is more important, it will be able to protect children as much as possible from numerous risks, which, unfortunately, we are so often confronted with because of our psychologically unhealthy environment. is a truly child-friendly service that aims to stop chasing children and makes everything possible to ensure that the information you share and store remains confidential, safe and secure.

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