Lost credibility in Tech Giants or how to keep personal information confidential?
18 Sep 2019

Users are more often getting disappointed with social networks, video sharing websites and other World Wide Web resources. Such technical giants as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Apple are losing credibility due to regular hacker attacks. As a result of their own actions and malicious interference, personal information may become a tool for blackmail or extortion. Furthermore, quite often confidential data get into public domain. In other words, it causes irreparable damage to private or business life.

According to the research conducted, more than 40% of US and European users do not trust Internet giants. It is not surprising because only in September 2018 50 millions of accounts on much-loved Facebook were hacked. And due to regular system errors such reliable, as one may think, Google+ disclosed more than 500 thousand entries. However, members of the services were confident that their important personal information was under reliable protection.

Today, lots of people are seriously concerned about security of their data; many people have also been affected by the high-profile scandal with Instagram. As it has turned out, passwords to accounts are stored as a plain text and at any time they can be used for mercenary purposes. It’s been a long time ago that more than two-thirds of people ceased to believe hollow promises given by Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook would strengthen and improve security measures. In fact, the sale of data as to users’ conduct in social networks, their contact details (phone numbers, e-mail addresses) is an important and rather considerable portion of the profits earned by Zuckerberg’s company.

Vivid and sad examples of important data loss

Those who still continue to trust Tech Giants and take a careless attitude towards data preservation should familiarize themselves with the following examples from our history:

· Dropbox – one of gigabyte file sharing services that was top requested previously lost more than 68 million of passwords as a result of hacker attacks;

· Box – a secure content management platform compromised several dozen of well-known companies whose records came into public domain due to improperly configured protection;

· MEGA – a file sharing service caused an unpleasant surprise and shock by disclosing 773 million! of its users’ e-mail addresses and passports, i.e. it opened access to important information.

Such irrefutable facts prove that many resources cannot be relied on. Almost all digital Internet giants think only about enrichment by means of selling your information. But how can important necessary data and sent files be saved? For these purposes the services provided by reliable companies should be used, which companies are guided first of all by the interests of users, rather than their own enrichment.

Consider the benefits of eRight offers – it is cloud storage that uses the most secure encryption algorithm AES 256 bit. This is the best protection against hackers that has not been cracked by any professional until today.

Using eRight, each member encrypts their files themselves, and only those people who obtain your permission will be able to review the files. Furthermore, the main task of reliable cloud storage is the full confidentiality of information. eRight enables to upload files in bulk, really control the saved data and be absolutely sure of their inviolability. In other words, it enables to completely protect your life from the interference of third persons.

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