How to choose the right photo storage service?
17 Jun 2020

Each moment captured in photos is valuable and must be saved. Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities for this purpose. You can store your photos on smartphones, portable hard drives, flash memory and various storage devices. Alternatively, you can use any of file hosting services or cloud storages.

Thus, you can prevent accidental loss of your photos when deleting them or in other force majeure circumstances. But when you prefer to use an online resource, you should consider a very important point regarding photo upload and storage.

Every image has a certain resolution which refers to the number of pixels it contains. Most websites and social networks, where the photo is published or stored, reduce its resolution and the number of pixels, respectively. Very often they compress the images in digital form, thus removing some important data and reducing the quality of the image. In case of repeated download, the user will receive a file that is as similar to the original one as possible, but is not identical.

original and compressed images

In order to prevent these unpleasant nuances, you should carefully study the regulations of the resource to which you entrust the storage of your photos. Many well-known hosting sites do not notify their users about the compression of photos, because in this case, their number will be significantly reduced.

The service users uncover this unpleasant fact only after the photo is loaded to their smartphone or PC again.

original and compressed image comparison

When choosing a cloud storage for your photos you should make yourself familiar with the working principles. The European web service ensures that your files are stored in secure environment for an unlimited period of time, and it is not the only advantage. Here, the resolution of your photo remains the same as that of the original one. The service does not optimize your photos or compress them in order to save the virtual space. Therefore, the user will receive his original photo when he decides to download it for the second time.

Thanks to the unique encryption system also protects the system users' files from ever being accessed by third parties. You can also share your photos, create folders, encrypt their passwords and transfer information to recipients via a secret link. This is definitely a convenient and completely secure solution. After all, only at your files are your rules!!!

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