Sending files by reference is quick, easy and convenient
18 Sep 2019

Email is one of the most convenient ways to send messages. The message reaches the subscriber within a few seconds, moreover, attachments of various types can be sent by mail. But, unfortunately, this technology is not designed to transfer large files. Thus, many users are often confronted with an error when sending their files, which indicates that the data have exceeded the limit.

When you send files separately and in parts, it is unlikely to affect your business reputation positively. Your relatives will not be very happy as well, when they receive dozens of letters with photos or short videos.

But there is a solution to this problem. ERight cloud storage provides everyone with the opportunity to share large files quickly and comfortably. How? Everything is very simple - we offer you to send links for download!

What is it a download link and how to use it?

Today, the download link has truly become the easiest way to share data online. But the main thing is that anyone can create it independently using the simple eRight interface. Then it can be sent to your colleagues, partners or relatives in the form of a simple text message using any messenger. The advantages of this technology are as following:

• the ability to use links for any type of content, regardless of the device used;

• an easy way to create links; even inexperienced PC users will be able to master the technology quickly;

• no size restrictions; eRight can transfer both large and small files as well.

The ideal eRight cloud storage allows you to not only send a link to download files or archives to anyone. Moreover, the one who has the link will also be able to see its description - the message. It is extremely convenient and interesting, one click is enough - and you can easily share the information. You just need to select the data you want to send and click “share the link”!

Another advantage of eRight cloud technology is absolute data security and privacy. On our website it is quite easy to protect the link with a password and hide it from prying eyes. Only the owners of the secret code will be able to access its contents. No more disappointments, only comfortable transfer of large files, without the risk of viewing them by third parties! eRight is a reliable resource that can guarantee the safe storage and transmission of data. Your files are your rules!

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