Shocking facts of publication of confidential data in 2018
18 Sep 2019

New information about the disclosure of personal data on users of various Internet resources or customers of companies, who work with online systems, is being increasingly exposed. The cases of the publication of information have really terrifying consequences that can ruin your personal life or business. The following facts serve as vivid examples, by which one can judge how low the security level of even seemingly reliable companies are.

Marriott hack affected half a billion people who stayed at Marriot’s

On November 30, 2018 it became known about the facts of numerous frauds that had been regularly commited since 2014 in the network of popular Marriot’s Starwood properties including W Hotels, St. Regis, Sheraton, Westin, and more. The number of affected people exceeded half a billion guests visiting this network of hotels. The data that became available to the hackers included account information, email addresses, passport number, as well as booking dates and payment details of bank cards.

173 million out of the total number of people affected globally were more “lucky”. The hackers only had their names and email address. Having such information makes it quite easy to commit an offence against a person.

Panera bread – customer’s data goes public

The American popular fast food chain Panera Bread’s has become a company which has made a serious mistake and compromised its customers. The official website published their records in plain text including names, emails, birthdays, and even the last four digits of the customers’ credit card numbers.

The most infuriating thing about this was the fact that during 8 months Panera Bread security service absolutely failed to take any measures in order to eliminate the error which had been made. The company’s employees claimed that the leak was immediately fixed, but access to important information remained public for a long time. And only with the threat of litigation, Panera Bread took the site offline to fix the leak, but it was too late. After all, the number of victims exceeded 37 million people and nobody knew how many of them were later affected by frauds.

Google plus exposes private data of network users

Google, a technical giant that is well-known and extremely popular all over the world, has officially acknowledged that it has made a big mistake. The unsound security system of the company led to the fact that the names, emails, occupations and hobbies of more than 500 thousand of the Google + network users were disclosed and everyone could get access to those data.

Just as Panera Bread did, Google Tech Giants did not take any remedial actions for almost seven months to eliminate the error. That was due to the fear of losing its decent credibility, as well as unwillingness to be responsible to the public. In addition, in December 2018, the situation was repeated, then the data on 52.2 million people were brought into public domain.

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