Teenage smartphone addiction. What dangers associated with virtual reality can be hidden in a device?
12 Jul 2020

Nowadays, the life of the young generation is closely connected with the digital world, while their parents were prevented from enjoying its benefits. The rapid development of computer technology as well as the emergence of many devices and free access to the Internet have bridged a gap between children and their parents. In fact, the latter did not have a virtual life that could offer various opportunities, communication without limits or bans, as well as access to all kinds of information.

Today, there is no thorough analysis which shows the influence of smartphones on children's and teenagers' behavior and lifestyle. However, it is an undeniable fact that this device has completely changed a number of important life aspects. After all, according to research results, about 23% of teenagers are strongly addicted to their smartphones. Moreover, they lose track of time when online, they are unable to control the amount of hours they have spent using a device. Respectively, these forming personalities are almost totally isolated from real life. This isn' t their fault, though, but only the virtual environment’s, where our closest people live and grow up. Parents must accept and understand this and try to teach their children to avoid possible dangers online.

There are many facts when spending too much time in front of a smartphone screen had a number of negative consequences. Among them are the following:

- mental retardation;

- mental health and sleep disorders;

- inability to learn which was caused by lack of interest;

- problems related to behavior and communication with other people.

Parents are worried about all this despite the fact that it was their own idea to buy a device for their child, and they made this decision primarily for safety reasons. In fact, smartphones enable you to control the child's location, as well as learn about his or her interests and leisure activities.

Unlike parents who have spent a lot of time in the real-time world, a digital age child is more physically secured because he/she uses the device at home. But their emotional and mental condition can be extremely unstable. After all, the virtual world is fraught with dangers and pressure from other users of the World Wide Web. This can result in depression, acedia and insecurity and even suicide in some cases.

teenagemobile addiction

The most critical age when digital addiction reaches its peak is between 17 and 19 years. If boys are extremely fond of video games, girls publish numerous photos and videos, thus making their personal lives publicly available. They also get acquainted with young people online and among them there may be asocial individuals.

Users of the popular resource called Instagram are most exposed to danger. It is fraught with mental health problems and real threats as well. Criminals can learn important information from a victim's content such as a place of residence, hobbies, interests and where the person prefers to be. All this data can be easily used for criminal purposes, and the consequences can be often terrifying.

Therefore, it is very important for parents not to miss the moment when exciting entertainment turns into a serious addiction and to prevent the child from suffering any consequences. For that to happen, it is necessary to tell him/her the basic rules of Internet behavior and teach not to disclose any personal information. You also should introduce the benefits of such secure web services like cloud storages. Any content can be safely stored and shared there and it will always remain confidential.

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