The future of healthcare and cloud storages
10 Jul 2020

The way cloud computing is shaping the future of the healthcare industry.

As the cloud services market is growing rapidly, it opens up new business opportunities for plenty of companies. Nowadays, the adoption of cloud computing in the healthcare industry enhanced its IT infrastructure and made it much easier to do business and provide better medical services.

Benefits of cloud computing in the healthcare industry

Cloud computing services are both versatile and useful for the healthcare industry. Many developed countries in the world have implemented these technologies in private and public clinics, and have already experienced undeniable benefits. It is not surprising, as cloud storage can greatly enhance the ease of operation for enterprises and individual practitioners. Some of the major advantages of the clouds are the following:

- Cost savings by using IT resources

Instead of expensive and requiring constant updates to local installations, cloud services offer an unlimited amount of virtual space. You can use the cloud for free when you need to store and process small amounts of information. If a company needs some additional resources, then there's a better tariff plan at a reasonable price. That's why various organizations pay only for the things they use - nothing more or less.

- Complete safety and security.

When you choose a highly reputable service, such as, you can be certain that your confidential data remain inaccessible to third parties. It is really very important to keep your healthcare data private. Disease records, test results and scans, as well as other results can be lost for many reasons. They will be safe for an unlimited period of time only if stored in virtual space.

- Availability and mobility.

Very often a patient's life depends on the speed of receiving medical information. Nowadays only the cloud can provide access to your profile from any device when connected to the Internet, regardless of your location. This means that you can remotely perform diagnostic monitoring as well as quickly view, process and share data with the necessary medical specialists.

- Any Geoposition and Groups Sharing.

Cloud technologies enable you to transfer files (test results, scans, medical prescriptions) from any part of the world. You can keep in touch with your general practitioner, who will be able to consult you regardless of your location. You can also organize group consultations, as well as contact your colleagues and other specialists to have the right treatment prescribed. What is more important, unlike email, the information in the cloud can be viewed only by those people who can access it. All this excludes publicity and loss of important data, moreover, all your information remains inaccessible for criminal purposes.

- Easy operation.

The Eright Cloud Storage System has designed a user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can upload, download and share information in just a few clicks. The service also supports all existing file formats and provides the ability to generate links. They are convenient for quick transfer of a large file or video without taking any risks.

- Reduced labour costs for the staff members.

Clinics do not need to employ IT specialists to maintain infrastructure and pay their wages. The cloud services implement software programmes and provide new options themselves. Therefore, there will be a significant cost savings for the company or an entrepreneur.

- Data recovery option.

In the event of an accident and local installation congestion, the company may lose all data stored on it. Such things can never happen in the cloud - is always accessible 24/7. If you accidentally delete your information, you can recover it with a single click.

Today, in many countries cloud storage has become an integral part of government policy. It's a truly profitable healthcare service that enables you to safely manage your workflow. But the most important thing is that cloud providers do many things for their users, enabling them to be more focused on developing and improving their services. As a result, many serious healthcare problems all over the world can be solved and the diagnostics and treatment of many diseases can be improved. In addition, it significantly boosts the level of providing better medical services for each patient.

The eRight service is working on new solutions for the cloud healthcare industry and it is improving its services to help the healthcare sector to become digitally compliant. Thus it enables customers around the world to securely store and share their private medical information. Take care of yourself and your health. And remember - Your files are your rules!!!

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