Sasha Baron Cohen slams Facebook, Twitter and Google: "Greatest propaganda machines in history that have negatively affected the world".
3 Jul 2020

In New York City, at the Anti-Defamation League Award ceremony, a famous British actor criticized some of the world's most popular social networks. According to his words, these and other big online resources disseminate aggression, hate and violence in the society.

Such technical giants as Facebook, Twitter and Google have become the largest propaganda machine in history. They reach billions of people and affect their personalities by promoting their content. This, in turn, may negatively affect people's behaviour and trigger malicious acts against others.

What is worse, Kohen emphasizes that these online resources spread “conspiracy theories”. After all, when the expression of hostility takes hold online, it's easier for the extremist groups to recruit new members, as well as for the intelligence agencies to interfere with the election process. The recent vivid and horrifying example was the genocide in Myanmar, when the authorities massacred the Rohingya, a Muslim people. At the same time, there were plenty of users on social networks who publicly approved these actions. The comedian was deeply disappointed by the fact that Facebook, Twitter and Google were publicly spreading fake news that was of much greater interest to system users than truthful information. Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, by having opposed the adoption of a law which regulates data sharing on social networking sites, welcomed the development of aggression and violence.

For many criminal personalities, Zuckerberg Company has become a free platform for their views to be promoted. It is also easy enough to find people who can become victims on social networks, because imprudent users often publish their personal data online, as well as their own viewpoints and opinions. The actor also considers that the government has to oblige the Internet technical giants to respect the rules, as social media companies do today. In case they fail to comply with the requirements, they should be suppressed by lawsuits and fines.

Sasha Baron Cohen's loud statement that Facebook does not check any political advertising and even sells information about its participants (their viewpoints, e-mails, and contacts) is reasonable enough. In more recent times, a great number of users have been adversely affected because of their wide publicity. It is also known that Zuckerberg's web site disseminates inaccurate content, making a huge amount of money off it. The actor drew a shocking analogy, saying that the network could have successfully placed Adolf Hitler's advertisement if it were around in the 30s. The actor's viewpoint was publicly challenged by Facebook, saying that it was a distortion of its policy. According to the company's management, hate speech is forbidden on any social network. The users who distribute inappropriate content are regularly blocked and removed from the web. But regardless of these allegations, Facebook has refused to check political advertising, as Twitter and Google have done.

The actor's sincerity amazed millions of people, and many of his statements have become quotes in just a few days. Cohen made many people think about the purpose of spending so much time in social networks and the consequences of publishing their data online. After all, a lot of information accessible to cybercriminals can be easily used against the owners. Therefore, it is necessary to respect confidentiality and not to distribute content that can adversely affect anyone.

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