Are ad blockers safe enough to install?
10 Sep 2020

Annoying ads, that can be often viewed on the Internet, distract users from finding important information. If you want to get rid of such pop-ups and video promotions while browsing your favourite websites, you should use various blocking tools. They can be accessed on all devices including computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. However, they are not always safe enough, therefore you should check out what exactly they are.

Advertising blockers - pros and cons of the applications.

The Advertising Blocker is a special browser extension that removes advertisements while you browse the web. By using it, you can really get rid of pop-ups, teasers, and banners that can disturb you or low the traffic efficiency on your device. This tool is extremely convenient to use, moreover it has many advantages. Among them are the following:

- It makes the process of browsing safer. As well as unnecessary content, advertising can damage your cybersecurity. After all, the ads may contain viral software that can access the device system and do major harm to your computer or your data.

- Convenience. With no irrelevant information or annoying screens, it is much more pleasant and convenient to browse the web. Ad blockers help you to get clean websites without any visual trash and enable to keep your content free.

- Improved speed. On many websites, almost half the traffic is consumed by advertising. As a result, this can slow down page load time. When there are no ads, the download speed increases several times, sometimes even up to 40%.

By using such adblockers your online experience can be improved significantly, but you will be able to enjoy it only in case of a good software tool choice. There are some disadvantages, though, that a number of users cannot even suspect about:

- Agreements with advertisers. Not all advertising can be deleted by a number of ad blockers. The reason for this is that advertisers pay good money to adblocker developers in order to have their ads whitelisted.

- Hidden content or website functionality (blocking the required information).

Among the disadvantages of using these software tools, there is the fact that useful information and users’ experience in sites is swallowed or even wrecked by ad blockers. They often clean shopping carts or delete things that are not ads, etc. By doing so, they make users feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you should choose the blockers that enable you to create a white list of online web resources, which cannot be interfered with.

- Private data collection. These tools are designed to track your online activities as well as collect personal information concerning your interests and habits. These data are important enough for advertising companies and ad blockers earn good income for them.

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