How to protect your voice and audio data from intruders
29 Nov 2019

The theft of digitally stored personal data, photographs and other information that we do not want to make public is very topical nowadays. This also concerns audio and voice files that are stored in smartphones, local web servers or file sharing devices.

A striking example was the recent incident that shocked Google Assistant users. Security protocols were seriously breached by the company’s employee. As a result, more than 1000 users’ voice recordings containing personal data were brought into the public domain, without their knowledge.

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Being disposed by crackers or any third parties whatsoever, recorded conversations on personal or business subject matter can become a tool for blackmail or extortion. In addition, attackers can damage your reputation irreparably, so it is very important to find a safe way for sound file storage.

Sound file cloud storage is safe, durable and secure.

Many companies prefer to store their data in local installations or data centers. But that's where your information is most at risk because fraudsters know exactly where to look for it. Therefore you should find a worthy alternative. In the age of technology development cloud storage with a reliable security system is the right place to store your data.

Moreover, the functionality of the cloud service is much better than that of the most modern local center. It supports files of various formats, so you can store there all important information and not be afraid of accidental loss of your files. In addition, the physical location of cloud-based control centers is known only to a small amount of personnel with a strict access protocol. Therefore, your account cannot be breached by any third parties. Moreover, cloud storages do not sell their users' information, it is never at the disposal of third parties.

High encryption level is also quite notable here. Cloud storage like has the unique protection system from hacker attacks and third parties’ interference, so voice files and recorded calls become invulnerable to any theft.

A separate advantage of the cloud is that your data is prevented from accidental loss. It’s not just a local installation, but a platform hosted on a web server. Therefore, in the event of force majeure, your data will not be affected as in case when they are locally stored.

In addition, a cloud service is more practical in use, with the advent of new technologies it is constantly being improved and opens up a vast variety of opportunities for users. It's not just a big space for those people who want to store large files. It provides economic benefit as well - there is no need to physically add terabytes of storage to local infrastructure.

One more advantage of a cloud is the fact that it can be publicly available. Regardless of the location, a user can download, store and even encrypt voice messages inside a web service. This will ensure that all your data will be completely confidential and may be accessible only by one person - the owner of the data. If necessary, the information stored in the cloud can be shared with other participants by providing them with a personal code. After hearing, you can deactivate access and no one else will hear or view the files. Local web servers don’t have such options, so more and more people prefer cloud technologies to many other local devices for storing information.

Everyone who wants to secure their files should get acquainted with, a cloud storage which is strictly compliant with the requirements of the GDPR and protects the data of each user of web service. To make you more comfortable we have designed the most convenient and intuitive interface, so you can use the resource easily and comfortably. But the most important thing is that your information will remain safe with us and we can guarantee that nobody will be able to view and acquire your information. After all, only eRight cloud storage confess that your files are your rules!!!

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