What are the dangers of publishing personal photos on the Internet and how to avoid them?
29 Nov 2019

Publishing personal photos on social networks and other Internet sites can lead to unexpected consequences. In addition to positive emotions and likes from "virtual" friends, images can be used for criminal purposes.

Therefore, before uploading a photo to the website you should consider all numerous risks associated there with, as well as the recommendations on how to protect your private life and the lives of your close relatives or friends.

Publicly displayed data

Today, most users of the World Wide Web publish photos taken by mobile phone cameras. These files often contain GPS coordinates, so that an interested party can easily determine your exact location.

You shouldn’t forget about the objects shown in the photos. Your house, educational establishments and workplaces reveal the details of your life, and, what is more important, the exact places where you can be found. Therefore, try to keep confidentiality; neutral pictures without any address plates or easily recognizable places are the most suitable for publishing.

Image theft

Attractive images are always highly demanded in a separate segment of the virtual market. If you make your photos publicly available, keep in mind that sooner or later someone will be able to use them for fraudulent purposes.

Most often, cybercriminals upload images and create fake profiles on social networks and on dating portals. It not only attracts new users, but also may be used by fraudsters as a tool to deceit other people.

Keep your photos away from “unknown” friends

Any time, when you confirm friend requests, you should be very scrupulous. After all, attackers can use clone accounts of the people you know to get closer to you and to achieve certain goals.

You should look through the lists of your "friends" from time to time and delete those with whom you do not want to communicate or continue online friendship. Such actions will help to keep your photos and information confidential.

Don’t forget to set up “privacy”

Almost all social networks provide an opportunity to protect your profile from being viewed by third parties. For example, your profile can be viewed either by all users of the network, or only by your friends or “friends of your friends”, which allows to control access to your data.

However, if you are tagged in the photos, then the list of people expands significantly and can be used by third parties for various purposes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to disable this option in order to protect yourself.

Don’t publish your juicy pictures

Sexually explicit pictures should be kept for personal view only; they are not subject to assessment by third parties. After all, each such dubious "boast" can entail unexpected consequences in the future.

You shouldn’t post images of a naked or half-naked child either. All information is stored in the network. It cannot be deleted without any trace. Soon the grown up baby will not thank you for such carelessness.

Keep in mind that from time to time executives of many companies monitor the lives of their employees through social networks. Any inappropriate information can negatively affect your business life and career.

Confidentiality of your data is your right

When you come across your photo or a photo of your friends or relatives on any website, you may demand to delete it. After all, your photo will be viewed by many other users, including those who should not be given access thereto. By doing so, you will protect your privacy and your relatives or close friends will not get insulted if you provide them with clear arguments to this effect.

You shouldn’t disclose your private data

Personalized tickets, visas, passports, driving licenses or vacation packages contain important information. To avoid any trouble, you should not disclose it to anyone except your family members. Therefore, being euphoric about any joyful event, do not forget about security, which is the key to your quiet life.

Microblogging is fraught with danger

Even though various microblogs have simplified functionality, their use can also lead to negative consequences. Therefore, when communicating with service participants, you should not share unnecessary data or your personal pictures with them, even if it is online video files transfer. Various people can see them, including those to whom you would not like to disclose such details.

All of the above actions can protect your personal and business life. After all, without any data criminals will not be able to get access to your home, office, bank cards and other important attributes of comfortable life.

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