Why virtually everything depends on cloud technologies in 2019
22 Nov 2019

Today, cloud platforms are the most convenient resources for storing and transferring files of various formats. They are used by individuals and companies, and it is not surprising, because cloud services have a number of undeniable advantages.

What are cloud services?

A cloud is a dynamic form of a web server scalable to meet users’ needs. Unlike ordinary web servers, cloud storages offer a greater variety of opportunities to perform different tasks.

These resources were designed for quick, comfortable, and, above all, safe work. Due to the virtual infrastructure, a server can be used from various devices and in any places where they have Internet connection.

The main advantage of cloud storage is a quick and easy file download. The resource supports various file formats and stores them without taking up space on devices. But the most important thing is that your information will be safely stored, hidden from third parties and won’t be accidentally lost. Due to a smart and user-friendly interface, one can find necessary files within a few seconds.

General cloud applications

When insufficient internal memory is available, IPhone and Android devices download images automatically. The need to back up or delete files is eliminated, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

Cloud technologies are relevant for storing primary files of developed games and programs as well. Naturally, servers are needed by many offline and online organizations, which allow them to store and share documents and data with other users.

Cloud websites hosting

Today, the cloud has become the safest depository for websites, which are in public domain. When you open a website using a browser, the user requests files from a web server running on a cloud platform. Due to this, they are scalable and conform to web traffic templates.

At the same time, cloud technologies can operate much more efficiently, they increase the speed and capacity of websites, thereby attracting visitors.

Other reasons for cloud storage popularity

In contrast to conventional hosting, cloud platforms enable each user to efficiently allocate the necessary resources and exclude the use of non-working ones. In addition to saving companies' budgets, this also results in using the devices as efficiently as possible.

Virtual cloud storages eliminate the risk of data loss in the event of force majeure or if data are deleted by accident. Files of various formats can be downloaded within a few seconds, and that’s extremely convenient.

The challenge consists in choosing a reliable cloud storage - Eright.com is one of the safest resources nowadays. Data storage is a simple and easy task in the system, as well as file sharing and monitoring. The service works successfully on any device, and a unique encryption system eliminates data disclosure to third parties. Your files are your rules!!! in our cloud.

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