How to check whether your computer is used for hidden mining
15 Jan 2020

Crypto-currency secret mining is available on every computer, which means that other people will successfully make money using your own resources. Is it possible to learn about it in a timely manner and how to prevent a hacker from doing that?

Cryptojacking protection

When digital technologies are skillfully used, they enable cybercriminals to penetrate any device. Even a reliably protected computer can be hacked into and a miner virus can be installed thereon. This malicious process is also known as cryptojacking, where a third party user steals hardware resources to mine the cryptocurrency.

The following methods can help to find out whether your device has been affected by cryptojacking:

• Analyze your computer operation. If a device starts to heat up or sounds unusual, the CPU load increases as well. It can be seen in the Task Manager, and if the device is running at full capacity, then you are not the only person using it.

• Free online tests. Such applications are publicly available on the Internet. They enable to monitor any hidden activity and warn a user about it.

You can infiltrate someone else's computer for cryptojacking by using a toxic script from a usual website. It can also be a generated link that will infect the computer and activate the virus. One more way to penetrate the PC is to infect the router. In this case a third party user can access the information you transmit over the Internet and even damage your computer.

In order to be protected from such harmful actions one should install a good anti-virus program. You should give preference to those companies who regularly update the software. After all, only the latest software will be able to recognize and block mining programs.

However, if your computer is already infected, the virus must be removed. Otherwise, you can use an alternative and rather effective option - a mining blocker.

Each of us stores important data on our business or home computers. In order to keep our private content and personal information safe and protected, eRight encourages you to make copies of important confidential data and family photo archives in secure cloud storage which uses 256-bit AES encryption level. Such simple actions will enable you to keep your data protected and store them as long as you need it.

Remember, overheating and long-term operation can damage the device's hard drive in the event of a hacker attack. Then, there is a huge risk of losing all your data if your computer cannot be recovered, and, unfortunately, this happens very often.

Store and protect your private content and we will ensure the encrypted cloud protection for all your files.

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