What is GDPR? Everything you need to know about the new General Data Protection Regulations
22 Nov 2019

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - be prepared for new rules which ensure the security and confidentiality of information.

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation became effective. Despite many people’s fears this resolution was a real breakthrough in the field of digital technology. Thus, subject to its implementation, users' credibility of social networks and other online services will significantly increase. That means that every person will be able to face new opportunities. There will no longer exist such risks as the exposure of personal data and business information by attackers and using these data against an individual or business.

Those people, who are introduced to the GDPR for the first time, should be aware of the following key requirements of the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament and the European Union Council:

· The global nature of the issue. The adopted law relates to every organization that handles any data on EU residents.

· Data protection measures. Information on people’s private life, business and religious beliefs should not be exposed under any circumstances. Names, addresses, photos, bank details, correspondence in instant messengers and social networks, IP-addresses and other information must be safely protected from hackers. By all means, there mustn’t be any personal enrichment, because many resources often sell users’ information to different advertising agencies, political services and others.

· Heavy fines and penalties. For the disclosure of confidential information, the fine may be up to 4% of the company’s total annual revenue or €20m, whichever is greater. It is quite a strong argument, which in fact becomes a serious obstacle for selling the data.

· The consent of subjects is strictly required. Various online resources which use the consumer’s personal data have to ask for the consent of subjects for data processing. After having accomplished specific tasks, all information is subject to be deleted.

· The right to transfer data. Each company is highly responsible for the loss of information which was transferred by a cloud provider. Therefore, you should entrust your data only to reliable cloud storages, which encryption system can never be cracked.

· The right to transfer information. If you want to use cloud technologies, you should definitely find out if the provider has permission to transfer information across borders. According to the law, it can be possible subject to the availability of the contract, but in some cases data can be transferred at the user’s request.

· The right to delete information. Individuals and companies have the right to demand from online services to delete their personal or business data at any time. Therefore, make sure of the availability of the software to perform this task.

· Providing data breach notifications. In cases of accidental data loss or under any other force majeure circumstances, companies should notify their users immediately. They should also inform local supervising authorities of possible data breaches.

· Co-responsibility. Websites, social networks and cloud services, collectively, are responsible for exposing confidential data. The affected party can also claim for compensations and file an action against the offending companies as well.

· Secure encryption. Nowadays, the GDPR obliges users to implement modern security technologies. Thus, subject to the development of a secure protection system, the risk of data loss is significantly reduced.

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