What aspects should be considered when choosing cloud storage?
3 Dec 2019

When choosing cloud storage, you should learn about specific features of the service operation, as well as evaluate its advantages and security level. Nowadays, online data hacking is quite widespread, so any information can be made public. Moreover, users’ data often become an effective blackmail tool when used by cybercriminals.

Therefore, in order to avoid loss of files or their disclosure, one should make sure that the data are securely protected in the cloud from any third parties. Today, Dropbox is considered to be one of the most famous workspaces. Regardless of its popularity, this American company does not inform account owners on who may view and use their data, even on the "Privacy Policy" page. Thus, even if you comply with the rules of file hosting, you cannot be absolutely sure that your information will not be used by third parties.

But how the right cloud can be chosen? It is necessary to clarify the following aspects of the service operation:

• Ensuring the information security

Those people who believe that multi-level authentication can ensure confidential data storage will be strongly disappointed. Dropbox designers can view each user's files and access them without any authorization. For example, within the first 6 months of 2018, the content of 526 system users was disclosed by this web hosting company by request of the relevant government authorities. This means that Dropbox has the encryption keys and can easily log into your account.

Therefore, we should give preference to the cloud where privacy is very important and strictly observed. The encryption system must be designed in such a way that only the file owner and no one else can view the files.

• Terms of the service agreement

Cloud storage can offer its users a number of additional services. The storages with a document preview option or Optical Character Recognition ("OCR") deserve one’s attention. In fact, such options make it possible to scan the client's files, which Dropbox considers to be "stuff" and can dispose of it at its discretion. Many users were indignant at such handling of valuable information. This was the main reason for abandoning the popular American hosting web site.

To prevent data loss, you shouldn't reject additional options offered by the cloud. The only important thing you need to do is to analyze if there were any cases of data breaches or sale of users’ content to third parties.

• Encryption keys and scanning

Modern and reliable cloud storage like Eright.com has developed a unique multi-level encryption system. It ensures that all of the users' files are securely encrypted and only a limited number of authorized employees may access the keys.

It is important to check whether the keywords are scanned and whether the users' data are processed in the cloud. You also need to know how the received information is handled after scanning. It is better to give preference to those web services that can operate without such things.

• Specific features of technical support

Many hosting companies give their technical staff and all their employees access to users' files. This always affects the security level of the cloud storage. In the case of data breach, it will be difficult to identify those guilty of information leakage.

• Backup option

Many service providers back up their users' data for the purposes of convenience. This option enables you to restore these data in case you have lost them. But at the same time, cybercriminals can steal the data and use them for fraudulent purposes. The eRight staff are constantly working to improve the security system and develop blockchain-based backup methods to keep your information safe and confidential.

You can also stay calm if you have accidentally deleted important documents in the eRight cloud. The deleted files are sent to the trash can, where they are stored for an unlimited period of time and can be recovered by a single click at any convenient time without any risks of disclosure.

eright cloud storage interface

If the cloud storage you choose complies with all the above requirements, you can safely store your data there as well as transfer and share files of any format. You'd better give preference to a European cloud, which, unlike Dropbox (that has already disappointed many people), is not subject to monitoring by the FBI and other structures. As a result, it does not disclose or distribute any information stored in users’ accounts.

As concerns the eRight.com service, it strictly complies with the provisions of the European laws. At eRight, your files are your rules! This is the approach that ensures the complete security of storing and transferring important personal and business information.

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