eRight is a perfect cloud storage where files will never be lost
27 Sep 2019

Nowadays, cloud technologies are definitely the best service for storing files of various types and sizes. They also allow you to share important private and business information, ensuring its safety and security and preventing your data from entering the public domain.

However, not all websites can guarantee that your data will be safely stored, so it is very important to find a resource that can be fully trusted. It does really exist - the ideal eRight cloud storage with a unique 256-bit AES encryption system is immune to intruders or violators . Therefore, all your files will be highly protected and safely stored for many decades.

But this is not the only benefit achieved by the eRight cloud. A vast variety of opportunities for users are opened here, and one of them is the recovery of the deleted or lost database.

If you have accidentally deleted your data or an important file, do not worry. Our service provides the storage of your information in the recycling bin for an unlimited period of time, so it is quite possible to restore it in just a few clicks. Unlike other cloud storages, our cloud storage does not set any time limits, so everything that is kept in the recycling bin will remain there. All the deleted files will not be removed from your computer until you personally wish to empty the bin.

Enjoy the comfort and advantages of our cloud storage – you are the only person who can manage and deal with your files! There is no need to contact the support service. Also, you shouldn't be worried or disappointed if the information you have deleted cannot be restored. Our service justly claims that your files are your rules, and no one should dictate how to store them and what to do with them.

eright trash can screen

Any accidentally or intentionally deleted data in eRight can be retrieved from the recycling bin. It is possible even if it was done by the user who was granted to access them. After all, you will immediately receive a notification and find out the current file status. If a member of a personal or workgroup performs any actions with your documents, our cloud storage will immediately inform the owner about the possible information disclosure. This will give you the opportunity not only to recover your files, but prevent their loss as well, which is definitely very convenient.

There are no more additional fees, unnecessary emotional stresses and fuss… The user is the only person who manages his information, and he is the only one who decides how to dispose of it. eRight always maintains confidentiality and knows how important it is for everyone in the digital era. Therefore, we enjoy the enormous trust by millions of people and are really proud of such results!

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