What is Сloud Storage
1 Dec 2019

Сloud storage is virtual file storage that has become the best alternative to local hard drives, flash memory and other data storage systems. Now you can safely store all your files on the Internet and, what is more important, you can access them from any device twenty-four hours a day.

What are the reasons for choosing Cloud Storing Services

Many users have already enjoyed the advantages offered for images, videos, and other kinds of files by Cloud Storage. The on-line storage computing service can be relevant in case of insufficient disk space on the local drive or other media. But it is not a major advantage of the cloud, as a strong encryption system ensures that all data will be completely secured. Moreover, this is the only virtual web service that can provide access to your information remotely, you simply need to be connected to the Internet.

After that, you can view all your uploaded information and videos, listen to music or work with documents. A very easy way of data uploading is also worth mentioning. You just need a few clicks to upload your file in the cloud. It can also be password-protected to ensure the highest level of confidentiality. The cloud is recommended to be used for data backup, data sharing with other users and receiving the required information as well.

How Cloud Services work

Cloud service is a very challenging infrastructure located on web servers and is therefore completely hidden from malicious interference. Compared to other local systems, this way of storing information cannot be affected by any force majeure circumstances or third-party interference.

The reputable cloud storage service called eRight.com can protect users' files by using innovative encryption methods and the possibility of setting a personal password. All service users can upload and extract as much information as they like and store and share it with whoever they want.

A multi-level security system enables you to keep your data completely confidential and to encrypt every single file as well, because your account is not the only one that can be protected (the user enters the password himself).

eright cloud storage interface screen

By choosing eRight.com, you can discover a new world of data storage. The Cloud supports all file formats without any typical restrictions, providing you with the opportunity to use the system for personal or business purposes. Compared with other storages, eRight.com allows you to access the web service not only from your browser on your PC, but from your smartphone or tablet as well. This enables you to be mobile and upload, download, retrieve, or transmit data whenever you want, thus making you feel very comfortable.

The most important thing is that eRight.com strictly complies with the Privacy Policy, acknowledging that your files are your rules and it never discloses them to any third party.

Therefore, users can be absolutely sure that their information will never be accessed by anyone. It can be stored for an unlimited period of time and is completely free of charge, and only if extremely large files need to be stored, Eright.com suggests that you buy the necessary storage space for a small additional fee.

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